We have entered an era of unprecedented growth. In the 21st century we will experience over 20,000 years’ worth of change*. This means the world as we know it will dramatically evolve in only a matter of years. As technological innovation accelerates it’s crucial we’re able to level-up our human-ness.

*Perspectives on Business Innovation - Ray Kurzweil

In an exponential world your differentiator is your human-ness.

If we can bring our full human-ness to these exponential technologies, we have the opportunity to address some of the world’s greatest challenges. For this, we need to imagine the impossible, favour abundance over scarcity, think in non-linear patterns, manage polarities and disrupt the status quo. We need wild imaginations and heightened creativity. We need to connect deeply and harness our greatest fears. We need resilience, purpose, passion and wisdom.

In an exponential world, you need exponential mindsets.

Exponential mindsets feed off volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Exponential mindsets perform at 10x the rate of their peers. Exponential mindsets elegantly shift states of consciousness to get the job done. And wisely master their nervous systems for optimal wellbeing and peak performance.

Organisations that are committed to nurturing exponential mindsets will become the game-changing, billion-dollar companies of tomorrow.


Our methodology integrates adaptive leadership with positive psychology and applied neuroscience to develop exponential mindsets, shift behaviour and train for optimal wellbeing and peak performance.

We offer a new lens to view everyday challenges. This involves novel environments, shifting states of consciousness, music, movement, respiration and more. We design rich experiences that spark awe, surprise, inspiration, connection and joy. Experiences that provide physical and symbolic space for exponential mindsets to grow and develop.

We then harness this mindset growth and anchor it to the longterm development of your people and your organisation. We provide rigorous brain and body training designed to nurture Flow states for optimal wellbeing and peak performance. Flow is a peak state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best.



Our programs draw on leading academic research to deliver mind-bending results, taking your people from baseline performance to next level results.

Our Diagnostic Process and Impact Metrics include pre-engagement benchmarking, real-time monitoring and post-engagement metrics to ensure we have established real and long-standing results and meaningful behavior change. While the goals for each organisation are unique, we draw on a suite of biometrics, psychometrics and performance indicators designed to measure key indicators for optimal wellbeing and peak performance.

Our High-Flow System for Growth will unlock your human-ness to deliver:


Nahum is an internationally renowned artist
and cultural leader and Adjunct Faculty at the International Space University.

In his work he employs outer space technologies, illusionism, hypnosis and music to guide audiences into otherworldly journeys to raise critical dialogues about the politics of existence. Nahum has worked on various space missions for artistic purposes with the major space agencies including NASA, ESA, Roscosmos and SpaceX. He is the first artist to launch an interactive artwork into outer space in 2018.

Nahum is responsible for expanding mindsets and imaginations, stretching you to your outer limits. Opening you up to the possibility of the impossible.

Nahum is the new generation of artists creating new imaginaries that will infect the ideas of tomorrow.
— Roger Malina


Through the study of science, humanity and leadership, Clare specialises in unlocking exponential mindsets and using the peak mental state known as Flow to nurture cohesive, growing, high performing teams.


Clare has been trained by the world leaders in Flow science, The Flow Genome Project to understand the neurobiology of optimal wellbeing and peak performance.

While undertaking a Doctorate in Business Leadership, Clare has developed a world class leadership program drawing on the latest in adaptive leadership, applied neuroscience and positive psychology.

Designed to level up peak performance and optimal wellbeing this system delivers real time results alongside longterm and ongoing organisational development measured using a range of psychology, biology and performative metrics. Clare has extensive experience working for corporates, not-for-profits, arts institutions, start-ups, universities and high-performing leaders.

Clare is responsible for putting exponential mindsets to work, anchoring peak performance and optimal wellbeing to everyday organisational challenges over the long-haul.

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