Ultimately our goal is to develop exponential mindsets anchored to optimal wellbeing and peak performance. This means a workforce of resilient, self-authoring, creative, emotionally intelligent, empathetic, compassionate, intrinsically motivated, happy and healthy high performing humans. A workforce of flourishing humans.

Typically, (and as long as you are doing your pushups), our programs are designed to deliver:

What We Measure

Our Diagnostic Process and Impact Metrics include pre-engagement benchmarking, real-time monitoring and post-engagement metrics to ensure we have established real and long-standing results and meaningful behavior change. While the goals for each organisation are unique, we draw on a suite of biometrics, psychometrics and performance indicators designed to measure key indicators for optimal wellbeing and peak performance.

Flow State percentage is the number one management metric for the 21st century.
— James Slavet, Greylock Ventures